Delhi Handicrafts

Delhi, being one of the oldest cities in the world , witnessed various ups and falls, be it political or cultural. But every time, its culture, heritage, religion and the tradition regained itself for the generations to come. The culture of Delhi seems is blend of  modern lifestyles as well as the old traditions and values as it has been touched with states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh. If we talk about the Handicrafts of Delhi,Delhi is famous for jewelry made by bones. Previously ivory was used for this purpose but because of the ban on ivory, other animals bone is used. Go to Matia Mahal’s Pahadi Bhojla and you will find umpteen shops of jewelers who fashion beautiful bangles and necklaces out of bone. Delhi’s craftsman create magic with golden thread embroidery and semi-precious stones. Zardozi is the art of embroidery with gold thread. These craftsmen carve intricate designs on silk, velvet, and even tissue materials.

One can find authentic silver paper in Matia Mahal. Delhi is also famous for famed meenakari work, where paint is embossed on silver or gold to give it the look of a precious stone. Lacquer work bangles are one of the old art forms still alive in Purani Delhi. Delhi’s potters not only fashion pots but they also fashion beautiful clay dolls . These clay dolls, some as toys, some as decoratives and even as clay idols are specially available during festivities. Toys are also made using can, bamboo, tin and pottery, and sometimes involving the ingenious use of Indian textiles and costume jewelry. Delhi’s incense sticks, ittars (perfumes)(particularly in Old Delhi) and brass moldings are also famous throughout the world.

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